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New Spawn Coming Soon!
CashVillan OwnerUser posted 3 months ago.
New Spawn nearing completion and will be added to MineTheft faster than we thought! The beautiful spawn was built by Schnogot and BillTheBuild3r, known as CasperLight. We really hope you guys like the spawn, expect it soon!
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Legal items vs. illegal items
99x40 AdminUser posted 5 months ago.
In this post all legal and illegal items will be listed for the convenience of the players and the fellow Staff members. This list will be updated every time new items are spawned in.
Legal items:
Horse spawn eggs
Dark oak wood
Black ink sacs
Bottles o' enchanting
Packed ice
Blaze rods
Slime balls
Nether Star
Potions that are obtainable from legal items
Nether Wart
Aswell as any item/block obtained from mine parties or drop parties

Illegal items:
Ender dragon eggs
OP Picks (with enchants larger than the available ones via an enchanting table except for GodFather picks since they have fortune 4)
Nether portals
And all items that are not obtainable in MineTheft.

*Note* Every player caught with an illegal item will be kindly asked to give it to a fellow Staff member or destroy the item infront of a Staff member if they decline to do it the item will be taken without asking the player and will be destroyed. There may be a punishment for the player that didn't give the item to a Staff member.
If you guys have any questions feel free to ask in the comments of this post.

~99x40 - MineTheft Admin
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Regarding Mojang's EULA
CashVillan OwnerUser posted 5 months ago.
MineTheft and Mojang are separate entities.
Mojang AB is the company that owns Minecraft. MineTheft is not Mojang AB. By making a payment to MineTheft, you are not making a payment to Mojang or buying the Minecraft game. Payments to MineTheft are payments to a private Minecraft server that is not affiliated with Mojang. Because MineTheft and Mojang have no affiliation, Mojang will not be able to offer you any support regarding MineTheft or payments to MineTheft.
MineTheft is run by a team of people.
MineTheft, LLC is run by small team of people. Each one of these people has a different role in MineTheft. MineTheft has staff members who fulfill needs such as customer support and technical development.
Our profit ultimately goes to our team.
Payments to MineTheft fund the costs associated with MineTheft, but that's not the whole story. MineTheft generates more revenue than it needs to sustain itself. Excess revenue that is not used to further expand and develop MineTheft ultimately goes to the MineTheft team in the form of profit.
You don't have to be shady to make money.
MineTheft is a business. We make a profit from people who buy perks from our online store. Hundreds of people make purchases to MineTheft every month. MineTheft's ultimate goal is to enhance Minecraft users' experiences by providing them with entertainment through an exciting and unique realm in which they can play. We have a set of principles in place to protect the experience of our users.
Here are our payment-related principles...
I. Purchasing something from MineTheft will enhance your experience on MineTheft without damaging the experiences of others.
II. MineTheft does not sell exclusive access to any part of its Minecraft network. There are no exclusive lobbies or servers.
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Plot World Reset!
CashVillan OwnerUser posted 6 months ago.
As some of you may know, the plots are being reset tommorow. We are doing this for two reasons. First reason being that we think the plotworld is becoming overflowed, and is going to become more overflowed with the huge advertisements we will be getting soon. The second reason, what really brought this to our attention, is that we have located survival chunks (Chunk Errors) in the PlotWorld. As I did find a fix for this, so it should not happen again after the reset. We hope everyone understands why we have to do this!
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Staff Rules
123abe2 User posted 6 months ago.
Ok so rather than make a rant about staff or hear all the complaints ingame about staff not having boundaries here is the official list of staff guidelines that all staff members have to follow. The reason this is posted here is so that they average player can see how we run the server and what is expected.

1.) Be neutral in all situations - Staff should never choose sides in disagreements and should always come up with the best way to handle the situation.
2.) Being staff is a privilege - Following staff rules and using common sense/morals is what makes a good staff member. If you have ever been grounded growing up realize that stuff given can easily be taken away.
3.) It is not about you - Being staff is about the server and about the players, if you enjoy doing stuff that benefits just you then maybe this isnt the staff team for you.
4.) Command usage - Staff get access to numerous commands unavailable to the everyday player and are allowed to use these commands with responsibilty. Abusing this responsibility can result in loss of certain commands, demotion, even being banned.

These are the big 4 rules of staff, from here on out this is what the server is to rely on in terms of guidelines for our staff members in order to handle their roles professionally.

Lastly here is a list of things that I have personally noticed in-game, you be the judge but this is an official list of things gathered over a few months concerning staff abuse of players and commands.

From now on there will be:
- no more using /broadcast to share personal plot information.
- no calling out players for faults without solid proof. Must have pic for evidence.
- State full reason of tempban or ban when typing in the ban (for records when checking for a reason to unban)
- Mods must answer questions of players, this is not the job of admins.
- Admins cannot abuse their rights and powers, you worked hard to get to Admin don't blow it.
- No more complaining about your fellow staff members, we are a team. Let's figure it out together. If this doesnt work for you then maybe you are not the right fit for staff.

That about sums up everything. Feel free to comment, but as stated this is pretty much finalized. Thanks for reading

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Staff Positions Opened!
CashVillan OwnerUser posted 6 months ago.
Once again, we just added Staff Applications back to our site. We are opening a few staff positions! So go and submit your application right away, because these positions are first come, first serve! Just remember these applications are your chance of becoming staff, so we only recommend submitting a application if your serious about becoming a staff member for MineTheft. We ask for you to answer every questions fully and honestly.
Submit a Application HERE
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