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bauvdel1234Admin posted 3 days 23 hours ago.
Today I am here to talk to you about the /fly command. I get a lot of questions asking where we are allowed and not allowed to use /fly. Cash was nice enough to enable fly for donators to fly around the plot world with ease. But, obviously some people will abuse anything they can. The only place you can actually access /fly is in the plot world, but most of you know there is a glitch where you can practically fly anywhere you want. So I will make this clear of where you are allowed to fly and not allowed to fly.


The plot world


/warp boss

Not Allowed

PvP (Not in the arena or at the PvP spawn)

The Mines

Remember kids, fly responsibly. 

P.S - Using enderpearls to glitch out of places is also NOT tolerated. You will be tempbanned.
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Plotworld Reset
123abe2HeadAdmin posted 2 weeks 1 day ago.
This has been a very hard decision for all staff involved with this but due to current events plot world has become corrupt and needs to be fixed ASAP otherwise it will cause major server problems. 

Things you keep:

Your money
Your rank
your items in your inventory and in /chest

Things you lose:
Your plot 
Your items left on your plot
Basically anything you leave in plotworld you will lose 

Recommendation: Gather all your valuables and rare items and just stay out of plotworld when it resets
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Legal vs. Illegal
123abe2HeadAdmin posted 2 weeks 3 days ago.
Okay so people have been asking why we are checking their chests and why they get kicked or banned for some unknown reason. Well here is a list of things that are allowed and things that are not.

Donors with Fly (Only soldier and up)
Stained Glass
Ink sacks
Time is Money
Afk Machines

Dragon Eggs
Any items that are spawned it through glitches or hacks such as TMI or Nodus
Flying in PVP
Combat logging (we have a plugin that automatically kills you if you Combat Log)
Spamming in chat
Griefing plots 
Threatening players or staff

This list will grow bigger but these are the main topics

Also Staff reserve the right to check your chests on your plot for items that are unobtainable except through illegal means. Drop parties do not drop these items for a reason so using that as an excuse is invalid. Lastly if you see a chest on your plot open and close and no one is there it is probably an admin in /vanish checking your chests, we do not take items but just check to make sure that you are not hiding questionable items. 

If you do have items that are illegal on your person or on your plot please know that on my plot 4;0 will be some disposal signs allowing you to get rid of these on your own time.
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Server News
CashVillanOwner posted 2 weeks 3 days ago.
As some of you may know MineTheft is slowly decreasing in votes, players, and staff. Its becoming a big problem if we want MineTheft to make it somewhere in the near future. Im taking it into my hands to fix this mess, and get MineTheft where it needs to be. Starting mid this month, we are bidding for the biggest Minecraft Server List advertisement. That is just the first step, it will get us players, but not a community. Building a community on the server requires everyone to vote. Voting does more to the server than you guys think. Just voting once on the server a day, will get MineTheft where it needs to be. Voting shows that we have dedicated players, and will make other players want to do the same! But voting is not our only problem. We have to build a strong community on our site as well. Its doing well, but not well enough. I want every player to know about our site, and from their they can reach out to our staff team, to push out their opinions, suggestions, and problems to get them known. With all of that being said, we can not forget about our staff team. Our staff members are great right now, the ones that do work for MineTheft. But theres just not enough, to many timezones, that dont get covered by staff, which is unacceptedable. I want to make sure 24/7 theres always at least one staff member on the server, so everyone gets the help they deserve, and the server gets the management it needs! So lets do this together!

Ways to help the server grow:
- Donate to the server so we can purchase advertisements
- Stay active on our website
- Help new players out if they are in need
- Tell all of your minecraft buddies about MineTheft
- Vote every 24 hours for MineTheft
- Submit the absolute best application you can create
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Official Statement on server fix
123abe2HeadAdmin posted 3 weeks 1 day ago.
As of this moment we are deciding what action is best to take regarding the server, the problem is someone was item spawning probably using a hacked client or exploiting a known glitch that would have taken a ton of hours to figure out. 

Based on these facts here are some things that may happen:

Server will be whitelisted for at least a day or up to a week depending on the seriousness of the situation

We might be doing a rollback depending on the seriousness of the issue

We will be searching plots and banning suspicious persons who are already under review by staff

Based on current findings this should not take long but we thank you for your patience during this time.

Minetheft Head-Admin

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can i be unmuted i have been muted since sometime last year
Can anybody explain me how did i "abused"?
jaws1310 jaws1310 Apr 24
jaws1310 jaws1310 Apr 24
Go on forums then click news then new thread
MBTshock MBTshock Apr 24
how do you do a thread?
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